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Directors Sue & Lee

Maplewood Country Day Camp and Enrichment Center has been run by our family since 1965. We have been committed to providing the best possible experiences to our Maplewood families and staff members over the last 5 decades.

We take great pride in providing quality service and great pleasure in playing a part in the growth of both our campers, counselors, students, teachers, and enrichment staff members! We simply love what we do...and we plan on doing it for years to come!

Our mission is the same as it was 60 years ago. To create a warm, welcoming, creative environment that makes everyone feel like family.

Sue Reardon  

As the eldest daughter of Hal & Sandy, it isn't hard to believe that I grew up at, worked for, and fell in love with day camp. I vividly remember watching my father and mother welcome new campers each summer and look back fondly on my own experiences as a day camper and head of the waterfront.

Now a happily married mother of 3 (all of whom are/have been Maplewood Day Campers!), I returned to become Director of Maplewood in 1995. After graduating from Simmons with a degree in International Management & Spanish, I never imagined I'd be back at Maplewood, but now I would have it no other way. Camping is in my's what I love.

 My goal is simple: make every camper and staff member feel special

Sue Reardon - Director

I work year-round to make sure all of your camper’s needs are met before, during, and after the summer. Throughout the year, it is my goal to select staff that understand my father’s mission and who work within Camp Maplewood’s core values. My goal is simple: make every camper and staff member feel special.

Every day I drive down that hill I feel a sense of family and a need to share my love for camp with all those who Maplewood serves. To me, Maplewood is a place where kids can just be kids. A place where children are able to grow in a stress-free, fun, and positive environment.  

Lee Pinstein - Director

Lee Pinstein

When I graduated from Boston University and began working as a CPA, I had no intention of returning to the camp where I grew up. I loved day camp, looked back fondly on my memories as a camper and staff member, but was unsure of whether or where I would fit in. So in 1993, when I received a call from my mother Sandy asking me to come back and head the waterfront, I hesitantly accepted.

Little did I know I would soon look out into the fields in the same manner as that of my father, with a vision to create, build, and try new things to improve the Maplewood day camper's experience. Everything symbolized opportunity. I would soon come to find that nothing made me happier or more complete than when I could actively play a role in helping children, staff, and parents connect in a positive and fun environment.

I absolutely love coming to work each day and I am devoted to making everyone touched by Maplewood feel like family.

Years later, it is impossible to imagine my life without Maplewood, children laughing and learning, helping to direct the camp my father and mother worked so hard to create. After working towards a Masters's in Early Childhood Education, I learned that in order to improve, we must focus on the strengths of Maplewood’s programming and constantly looks at ways to evolve.

With two of my own day campers in attendance, I enjoy nothing more than hearing their, and others' experiences as Maplewood children. I absolutely love coming to work each day and I am devoted to making everyone touched by Maplewood feel like family.