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Updates on Covid-19

Health Guidelines School Year 2022

Maplewood Enrichment Center School Year 2022 Health Guidelines

January 20, 2022 

Since the founding of our camp in 1965, nothing has ever been more important to us than the health, safety, and well-being of our Maplewood families. Please see the precautions and procedures that Maplewood has implemented to help minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Safety actions include promoting healthy hygiene practices, intensifying cleaning and disinfection, practicing physical distancing, training all staff members, and working closely with the EEC and Easton Board of Health and our families.   

We will communicate important information to parents/legal guardians via our website, through the mail, and by email throughout the school year.  

We have implemented a wide variety of additional procedures this school year for you to review below.

Daily Screening and Sign-In – Preschool and Kindergarten Program.

Each morning parents will access their Procare App on their phone to sign their child in. During the sign-in process, you will be prompted to complete a morning attestation regarding the health of your child that morning. The attestation will consist of one question. You will indicate if your child has experienced any symptoms associated with COVID-19. If your child has experienced any symptoms over the past 24 hours you are required to report those to your child’s teacher or the main office prior to your child attending school. 

The bolded COVID-19 symptoms below, (when they occur alone) will require immediate exclusion from care. The non-bolded symptoms will be managed on a case-by-case basis by Maplewood and family depending on the severity, combination of symptoms, and child illness policies of the program.

  • Fever (100.00 degrees or higher), feverish, has chills
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • New muscle or body aches
  • Fatigue – when in combination with other symptoms.
  • Headache- when in combination with other symptoms.
  • Runny nose or congestion (not due to other known causes, such as allergies) - when in combination with other symptoms.
  • Sore throat- when in combination with other symptoms
  • Cough- Not due to other known causes, such as chronic cough.
  • Gastrointestinal distress (Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea)- when in combination with other symptoms

 Maplewood Physical Distancing Protocol

We will be practicing physical distancing indoors through increased spacing when possible and limited mixing between groups.

  1. Children and staff within a class will try to maintain 3 to 6 feet of distance indoors and when they are in close proximity to the same individuals for a sustained period of time including but not limited to:
          a.  During snack or lunch
          b.  During activities at a desk or table
          c.  During transitions (i.e. waiting for bathrooms)
  2. Children and staff within a group will limit interactions with members of other classes.

  3. To the extent that they must interact, members of different classes will do so with at least 6 feet of separation when possible.

  4. When an administrative staff member must interact in close proximity (such as the Director instructing children outside of their class) the following must be true:
         a.  They will follow the Maplewood Mask Protocol.         

Maplewood Mask Protocol

Staff and children will need to wear a well-fitted, multi-layer face mask.

  • On the bus to Maplewood (Afterschool Program)
  • During all indoor activities including the use of the bathrooms and changing rooms.

Children may wear masks more than required if that is more comfortable.

Pull-up masks and gators may not be worn. 

All children must bring at least two clean face masks to allow for replacing the covering as needed. These should be clearly labeled with the child’s name, clearly marked to distinguish which side of the covering should be worn facing outwards, and placed in individually labeled baggies.  Maplewood will provide masks to staff and to children as necessary.       

Cleaning and Disinfection  

To minimize the possible transfer/spread of Coronavirus at Maplewood, diligent cleaning protocols have been implemented and will be adhered to by all staff members and our maintenance team to ensure the safety of everyone at Maplewood.  Our maintenance team is already working hard to keep Maplewood clean.  Going forward, we will increase the frequency with which we perform deep cleanings of shared surfaces and indoor facilities and deploy extra maintenance teams throughout the day, as well as, a professional cleaning crew at night.

In addition to our new HVAC system in the main building, we recently installed air purifying devices called iWave-C to further enhance air quality when children and staff are indoors.  

Important Items To Bring To Maplewood

In addition to the items mentioned in the parent handbook, please provide your child with the following items, which should all be clearly labeled:

  • 1 labeled water bottle. Children will be able to refill water bottles as needed.
  • 2 clean CDC- approved face masks are clearly labeled and marked to distinguish which side of the covering should be worn facing outwards. Store in separate labeled plastic bags
  • Spray sunscreen
  • Bug Spray

Indoor and Outdoor play

For the past 56 years, Maplewood has been known for its outstanding staff and diverse programming.  In that respect, this school year will be no different but, to ensure children and staff safety, some time-honored Maplewood activities and events will, unfortunately, be on “sabbatical” for 2022. We are planning to hold most activities outdoors but will take advantage of our abundant air-conditioned indoor space for those hot and rainy days and heated for those cold days.

Medical Management of Staff and Children

All children are required to have access to an authorized responsible adult that is located within 30 to 45 minutes of Maplewood at any time, should a child pick-up be necessary. 

Child or Staff present with Covid symptom(s) while at Maplewood

In accordance with MA DPH guidelines, participants who present with symptoms at Maplewood will be immediately isolated and brought to the office for evaluation.   Parents/Guardians will be called for immediate pick-up of the camper if the parent opted not to have their child rapid antigen tested at Maplewood. If the child that has presented symptoms has a completed consent form, they will be rapid antigen tested and isolated until their results conclude. If the child tests positive they will remain isolated until they are picked up. If the child tests negative, they will return to class, unless they have a fever, or their symptoms cause them discomfort enough to be picked up. The same testing procedure will apply for staff who show symptoms during their time at Maplewood.   

Please refer to EEC’s COVID-19 Mitigation Protocols & Guidelines for Child Care for all quarantine and isolation information.

Maplewood will notify families and staff of close contacts and exposure while maintaining confidentiality. In addition, the Easton Health Department and EEC will be notified of all cases that directly affect Maplewood’s operations.

Travel guidelines

For all travel guidelines please refer to the CDC’s recommended guidance.

 Arrival/Drop-off- After School and Vacation Programs

  • A staff member or signage will direct you to the drop-off area on the first day of your session. Maplewood expects the following guidelines to be adhered to at all times: 
  • Parents/Guardians are NOT permitted to exit their vehicles.

  • Minimize the time you take saying goodbye to allow for the continual flow of traffic.  Please say goodbye inside your vehicles.  
  • All medication in their original containers, along with the required forms, must be dropped off at Maplewood prior to the start of the program. Please bag medication in a clear, Ziploc bag and hand it to the staff member during drop-off (please remain in your vehicle).

  • Medication not in original packaging and without all of the required forms will not be accepted and/or administered. 
  • Parents/guardians dropping off late will be required to remain in their vehicle and call 508-238-2387 if they do not see any check-in staff members outside. Parents/Guardians are NOT permitted to exit their vehicles.


  • If parent/guardian is picking up early they must notify the office at 508-238-2387 and follow the expectations below.
  • Families (preschool and kindergarten programs) will have a scheduled pick-up location to reduce the density and physical interaction of individuals at any given time in the pick-up area. Once you are in your pick-up area you need to access your Procare app and sign your child out for the day.
  • Parents are NOT permitted to exit their vehicles
  • Maintain physical distance with other parents/guardians and children
  • Minimize the time spent greeting your child to allow for the continual flow of traffic
  • Please make sure to have your child pick-up card visibly showing on your dashboard for the staff to easily view
  • We will supervise and escort children to ensure they safely reach their parent’s/guardian’s vehicle. 
  • A staff member will sign out the children for the after-school and vacation program.

iWave-C / Air-Purifier

In addition to our new HVAC system we just installed an air purifying device called iWave-C on each of the HVAC units in the main building to create a healthier environment without producing any harmful byproducts.  This advanced technology significantly reduces a wide variety of pathogens in the breathing zone and on hard non-porous surfaces.  Independent lab testing has shown that this device is also effective against COVID-19. 

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