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Updates on Covid-19

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

We are thrilled that your child will be joining us for Summer Camp 2021!  Since our last update on June 6, we have received further guidance from the Easton Board of Health.  In line with this guidance, we have revised some of our procedures including physical distancing and masking. 

These are some of the questions we anticipate you might have looking ahead to the upcoming camp season. Our answers are based on the most recently updated guidelines and current best practices for COVID safety at camp per the American Camp Association.  We continue to also review the camp guidelines published by the Center for Disease Control, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and have weekly communication with the Easton Health Department.  Every decision made is based on keeping our campers, staff, and community healthy and safe throughout the summer camp season. 

We expect that conditions and guidelines will continue to change. For now, we are making plans that address conditions as they are.  We will keep this page up to date with changes, and enrolled parents will hear from us directly as changes are made.

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Bus Transportation - Camp

On February 11th, the CDC updated the Transportation Guidelines and lifted the capacity limitation and physical distancing requirements that had previously been in place.  The goal is to make bus transportation as safe as possible. Please note that the CDC is still recommending that the best practice is to drive your child(ren) or carpool with others in the same cohort unless the bus is an absolute necessity.

Listed below are the health and safety practices that will be in place for all campers and staff who ride the bus to and from camp:

  • All campers, staff, and bus drivers will be required to wear masks while on the bus.
  • Campers will have assigned seats.  Please note that siblings will sit together.  Please consider that your child may have to sit with another camper on the bus.  We will do our best to sit them with another camper in their group, if possible.
  • A completed health screening indicating that the camper is in good health must be completed each morning before the camper boards the bus. If this health screening is not completed, the camper will not be allowed to board the bus. 
  • In addition to the health screening, bus staff will perform a visual check on each camper as they board the bus to confirm that they are not showing signs of any symptoms associated with COVID.
  • Bus staff will provide hand sanitizer to campers as they board the bus each morning and afternoon.  Once they arrive at camp, campers will be greeted by their counselors who will again provide hand sanitizer.
  • Windows and roof hatches will be open at all times.
  • After each morning and afternoon run, the bus will be sanitized using EPA-approved disinfectants.

Listed below are the bus stops and times by town.  Please note that times are estimated and may change due to traffic conditions, weather, or road construction. Campers will be assigned to the bus stop closest to their home.  In order to maintain the right balance of children on each bus, we are not able to be as flexible as we have in the past regarding changing buses and bus stops.  

For purposes of planning your summer schedule, the buses will arrive at camp in the morning between 9:05 and 9:20.  This is similar to a normal summer.  In the afternoon, the buses will depart camp at 3:40.  This is a little earlier than a normal summer as we need to coordinate the parent car pick-up in the afternoon. If for any reason you feel that your child will not thrive under the above-mentioned CDC guidelines, you may want to consider parent drop-off and pick-up or extended day as an alternative to bus transportation. 

The window for parent drop-off in the morning is 8:40-9:00 and pick-up in the afternoon is 3:45-4:00. 

Our extended day program provides activities for campers in the morning from 7:30-9:00 and in the afternoon from 4:00-6:00.    

For bus stop details and times click here.

iWave-C / Air-Purifier

In addition to our new HVAC system we just installed an air purifying device called iWave-C on each of the HVAC units in the main building to create a healthier environment without producing any harmful byproducts.  This advanced technology significantly reduces a wide variety of pathogens in the breathing zone and on hard non-porous surfaces.  Independent lab testing has shown that this device is also effective against COVID-19. 

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