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Vacation Program

We understand vacations can be challenging for parents, but vacationing at Maplewood can provide both structure and enrichment for your children during vacation weeks.

Our School Age or Preschool Vacation Program is the perfect way to keep your children active when school is not in session:

  • choose the days that work for you with our flexible schedule;
  • in our state of the art facility, our vacation program will offer your child an experience of fun and exciting activities;
  • each day your child can choose from a variety of activities: Sports, Gymnastics, Pedal Karts, Art, Rock Climbing, Boating, and more!

Early Release Days, No-School Days, and Vacation Weeks

Based on the Easton Public School Calendar

Choose the days that work for you with our flexible schedule.

Vacations at Maplewood are the Best

Maplewood Packet is required for all school-age children before attending our Vacation Program & Children's Classes.

Maplewood follows the Easton Public School Calendar for early release days & vacation weeks.

Bumper Boats are the BEST!