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Camper Daily Photos

Using our online services provider, CampMinder we upload hundreds of pictures each night throughout the summer to provide you with a visual connection of the camp day and activities.  This is a great way for you to view photos of your special camper.  


Campanion - Camper Photo App 

So much happens in a day at summer camp. The history, the friends, the activities and memories being created… the journey that is summer at camp.

Campanion is a mobile app that puts all of your camp photos, updates, and memories in one place making it easy for you to experience your camper’s moments.

Face Finder Technology

The Campanion mobile app allows you to connect with your child’s camp experience through a personalized stream of content using Face Finder technology.    Enjoy viewing your child’s journey with tagged pictures of your campers.

You can enroll campers directly from the app!

The Campanion App can also be used to enroll campers.  Just click on the registration link.

Campanion App for iphone or Android

Free photo downloads right to your phone!

Campanion takes the photos we create at camp and organizes it into a curated stream for you to download and share with family and friends!

Your personalized camp adventure

A curated stream brings together the content that’s important to you. Join your child’s journey with tagged pics of your camper;  daily must-see photos;  quick updates from camp.

More smiling, less searching

Campanion’s Face Finder technology sifts through thousands of photos to find your camper so you don’t have to. Upload a photo of your camper, then let Face Finder do the rest, finding and delivering pictures of your child directly to you.
Loving Camp life!

Parent's Participation

* Both parents can download the app;

* ONE parent takes the photo and sets it up for their campers;

* Each parent uses their CampMinder login/password for the app;

* The system acknowledges the child associated with the account;

* BOTH parents can view camper's photos on their phones.

Get Started Now!

Download the Campanion app, on your phone, here.

* Android
* iPhone

Next, follow the prompts to take a photo of your camper so that the app will be able to use facial identification to populate your stream with photos of your camper.

Returning Camp Families   

Did you download and use Campanion last summer?  It's easy to update your child's photo for summer 2021.   Open your app and click on your camper's photo and you can upload a new photo there. 

CampMinder is still developing the technology. If you encounter any technical issues, please contact their customer support.

Call 303-444-2267 or link to FAQs and customer support