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Our 55th Summer

Welcome Campers and Parents!

A very special summer experience awaits you as Maplewood Country Day Camp celebrates its 55th season! For the past 54 years, Maplewood has offered a nurturing environment where children feel comfortable participating in many rewarding activities. A personal sense of success and achievement provides motivation to learn new skills and practice old ones, while also encouraging our campers to grow through positive social interaction. As we approach our 55th year, we will continue the Maplewood tradition, expanding our programs and facilities to ensure that the 2019 camp season is our best ever.


Wacky Chad Is Back  To know him is to love him!  We are thrilled to welcome back camper favorite, Wacky Chad to celebrate our 55th summer.  For those of you who haven’t witnessed a Wacky Chad performance, you are in for a treat. His award-winning pogo stick skills, funny jokes, and antics landed him not one, but two auditions on America's Got Talent, along with a performance at the Superbowl.  Maplewood can’t wait to share his gravity-defying moves, laugh out loud comedy, and everything in between with you next summer at camp. 

Double Club Day Expanded to 3rd Grade and Above  What’s better than a double scoop of ice cream?  A double serving of CLUB DAY!  In addition to the group bonding and fun that takes place for much of the day, we have always allowed campers in 1st grade and above to explore special activities and interests through Club Day.  Next summer will be no different.  In fact, we are expanding Double Club Day to include all campers in 3rd grade and above.  These older campers will now have two electives every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon.  Club Day provides campers with a huge array of opportunities to mold their own summer camp experience.  This translates to campers trying something new or perhaps selecting an activity that they really enjoy multiple days in a row.  Some of the more than 40 club day activities include LEGO Robotics, Nature/Barnyard, Puppet Making, YoYo, and Gardening


Disc (Frisbee) Golf Course  Disc Golf was a such a huge hit last summer that we are expanding the course for lots more fun.  Much like traditional golf, this sport is played outdoors in large open spaces with designated “holes” waiting to receive flying discs (think Frisbee but more pliable).  Disc golf combines the fitness advantages of aerobic exercise, with the pleasure and excitement of playing a fun game.  And if that’s not enough, kids also hone their critical thinking skills and hand/eye coordination while playing Disc Golf!

Laser Tag  This fast-paced, team building activity is so much fun for campers of all ages.  This summer we will be adding even more new games, equipment, and obstacles!!

Pedal Karts  We are adding some new and cool pedal karts to our current, well-loved fleet.  These self-propelled pedal karts are so fun that kids don’t even realize they're reaping the benefits of heart-healthy exercise.  And for next summer, not only will our campers feel the wind on their face as they cruise along, but they will also be able to cool off in our new and improved misting car wash. 


Karaoke  We love watching Maplewood campers take center stage.  There are many reasons children enjoy Karaoke.  Perhaps it’s to overcome stage fright and get some silliness out.  Or maybe it’s to perfect a song for a future talent show.  Regardless of the reason, Karaoke equals limitless fun for groups and individuals alike. There’s a reason Karaoke has never gone out of style.

Bumper Boats  Cue the James Bond music… We are increasing the challenge and adventure on the lake.  For many years now, campers have enjoyed navigating the bumper boats both around and into their peers’ watercraft. Next summer, we are taking it up a notch.  Bumper Boaters will have the chance to practice their eye-hand coordination while taking aim at a wide range of cool targets. 

Imagination Playground  There is a new set of building blocks on the Block.  Don’t get us wrong, we love LEGOS at Maplewood. But, when we think about preparing children for a lifetime of success, the buzz-words that come to mind are creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.  This is where Maplewood’s growing Imagination Playground comes into play.  These interactive Big, Blue blocks are laying the foundation for the next generation of Innovators.  

Unstructured, child-directed play is a critical component of healthy, social, emotional, and intellectual development.  Unlike many building toys and games, Imagination Playground blocks don’t come with instructions. There’s no right or wrong way to play with them.  We purchased the Curves Set which offers curvilinear shapes that add elements of whimsy and allow children more opportunities for self-expression.  Campers will have the opportunity to make moving parts, structures based on connectors, and irregular compositions that require consideration of balance. The curved, ergonomic contours also invite more sensory and body interaction with the parts—children love to rock, ride-on and hug them.  We can’t wait to see a blossoming of creativity and imagination through this new Maplewood activity.

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Maplewood Country Day Camp also offers outstanding summer camp activities and programs for preschoolers up to young teens.

- Children enjoy water sports like swimming and swim lessons, as well as boating and fishing.
- They have fun getting their hands dirty gardening and exploring nature.
- Kids who love physical activities have blast horseback riding, playing tennis and golf, and climbing our exciting ropes course.
- Sports-minding kids love playing soccer and basketball, improving their gymnastics skills and learning archery.
- If your child is more serious-minded academics, science or Lego robotics may be perfect.
- We also offer a counselor in training program for older teens.

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