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The Maplewood Family

You Are Family

At Maplewood, we promise one thing above all else; the moment you drive through our gates and roll down the hill, you become family. Since 1965, tens of thousands of campers, students, and staff members have become part of our Maplewood tradition. 

They, you, are why we exist and why we love what we do. We thrive on positive energy and take pleasure in watching children, grow, learn and create new memories. Our mission is simple: create a warm, welcoming, creative environment year-round, that makes everyone feel like family.

We value every camper, every student, and every staff member who drives through the Maplewood gates and rolls down our hill because, simply, what's more, important than family?

The Maplewood Difference

So what makes us different?  What sets us apart?  

It is more than our years of experience and the quality of our programming... it is the people we serve and employ.  We are a community that encourages friendship, leadership, responsibility, and teamwork.

Maplewood is a special place that stays in the hearts of campers throughout their lives.  


Children who are taught the fundamental concepts of discovery, community, teamwork, and fitness can enjoy a more creative and fulfilling childhood. By teaching these fundamentals to children, we help them mature and grow to become more successful, compassionate, and confident in life.

Children, are given the opportunity to explore and learn these fundamentals in a relaxed and secure, fun-filled environment where they feel free to be themselves, and become more self-aware, self-assured adults.

By providing opportunities for children to explore the world and activities that surround them, we help to reinforce the process of learning and self-discovery every day.

Camp Friends are the Best Friends


A perpetual exercise in imagination and exploration, of the world, and of oneself.

We promise to provide campers and students the chance to discover themselves by creating programming that inspires them to question the “what” and the “why” of everyday life, which helps them to understand how creativity and self-awareness play a role in their own maturity, and how they are an interactive part of the world around them.


An understanding of active collaboration and partnership.

Our mission is to teach the fundamentals of a team. Our goal: impart a sense of togetherness and hard work, teaching children how to work for the betterment of the individual and the team.

Getting our hands dirting planting our garden.


An environment that promotes acceptance, respect, empathy, and responsibility among its residents.

We strive to create a place where Maplewood parents, children, and employees of all abilities, cultures, genders, races, and religions are treated like family.  Children enriched and challenged by the diversity of their surroundings will be guided with compassion, enjoying the comforts of our safe and nurturing environment.


The concept of play is a crucial part of the Maplewood experience, as we believe it creates happy and healthy children.

Children are constantly provided with the opportunities, they need to stay in shape and learn about how to care for their bodies. Teaching children the fundamentals of fitness is now key to creating life-long happiness. 


    Family-owned and operated, Maplewood is the only camp and enrichment center of its kind in the area, serving children aged 3 to 14. Co-directors Lee Pinstein and Susan Reardon, continue the great and rich tradition of Maplewood, which was founded by their parents half a century ago.

    Maplewood is accredited by the American Camping Association (ACA), ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for kids and peace of mind for parents.

    The camping community recognizes the existence of systemic racism in our society and embraces the goal of eliminating such behavior. Maplewood joins the camps of the American Camp Association of New England in a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and affirms that Black Lives Matter. When developing and implementing programming going forward, we will ensure that equality and respect for differences are implemented so that campers and staff, the leaders of tomorrow, can transform the world.