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Teen Leadership (C.I.T.)
Counselor in Training

The C.I.T. program gives our most mature campers, who are entering the 8th and 9th grades, a feel for what it takes to be a counselor while still having the opportunity to participate in all of the great activities at Maplewood.

In their role as a Maplewood C.I.T., they will have the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence that will help them to become effective leaders and positive role models.

Annual trip to Water Wiz!

Hands-On Training

Under the guidance of our highly trained C.I.T. coordinators, they will receive hands-on training as they interact every morning with campers and counselors in a group setting.

They will learn and grow by observing and assisting counselors and specialists. This group setting with the campers will allow C.I.T.’s opportunity to help the campers with issues such as respect and friendship.

The interaction and mentoring they receive will help to strengthen their abilities and they will naturally begin to develop the skills needed to be future leaders. Many of our camp counselors are former Maplewood C.I.T.’s!

Fun Afternoons

In the afternoon, C.I.T.’s get to choose from a variety of activities to participate in with their peers. A sample of these are:

  • swimming;
  • boating;
  • sports;
  • gymnastics;
  • rock climbing;
  • arts & crafts;
  • drama;
  • dance;
  • yoga, and more.

They will also participate in team-building and goal-setting activities under the supervision of the C.I.T. coordinators. 

This program, along with being fun, is a great learning experience and will allow the C.I.T. the opportunity to interact with their peers, connect with current friends and make many new friends along the way.

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